Member of

Legal Skills - International Business Lawyers EEIG Group

Association of European Lawyers (AEL)

Givers gain - BNI

We offer a professional service to not only Hungarian but European and overseas clients in personal matters, founding, organizing and managing, their private and business activity: on the base of our close cooperation with specialists of different fields we can assist in tax matters, business planning, book-keeping, valuation, feasibility study, marketing, etc.

In 1994 we made association agreements with Moorhead James Solicitors, London (UK), in 1996 with the wellknown national law firm of Bulgaria, the Boteva and Kantutis Law Office (Sofia) and the Association of European Lawyers have direct access to lawyers of all countries.
Our membership in LEGALSKILLS, EUROPEAN LAWYERS\' ASSOCIATION gives us opportunity to direcltly cooperate with small legal firms of most European countries thus assisting clients in their crossborder cases.

We help our clients to understand and capitalize on the benefits provided by incentive laws in the markets, contributing to the development of direct foreign investment in the region, and assists exporters and importers, in their agreements as well the settlement of claim disputes arising from cross border trade in the area.

Our reasonable prices render our highly professional service even more attractive.

If you think we might be of help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We shall be glad to answer your questions and give preliminary advice free of charge.